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Welcome to eBookLister, a great free service providing links to free and bargain books on the Amazon Kindle Platform.  The links to books on this site are author-submitted and eBookLister approved.  eBookLister does not list erotica.


Enjoy a daily dose of free books with no work!  Check out our homepage for a daily updated list of free and bargain author-submitted kindle books!  Follow us on Twitter (@ebookslister) for daily tweets about free books, sign up with RSS (in the right-hand column) to get daily emails of our book listings, and now - Follow us on Facebook too!.

The Ratings and Review Numbers listed with each book are updated regularly, (usually on a daily basis)  and are subject to change without notice.


You can use the 'Submit Here' link at the top of the page to submit your kindle book for free.  Simply fill in the form, include the dates you want your book listed, confirm your email address, and we'll take care of the rest.

Here are a couple of things to note:

  1. We require email confirmation prior to listing review.  After submitting your listing, be sure to check your email (and spam box) for your confirmation code from 'info @ ebooklister . net'.  After submitting the code, your listing will be placed in our 'Review Queue' and if it meets our submission requirements, you can expect to see your listing on your requested days. (listings not confirmed within 7 days are deleted)
  2. You are not required to create an account on EBL, but submission of a book requires entry of a valid email address.  We do not share email addresses or other contact information with anyone, anywhere, anytime.  The only thing we share is the details about the book you are submitting. We may use the email address you entered to contact you regarding your listing or regarding eBookLister updates.  If we are unable to contact you regarding your listing, the listing will be deleted.
  3. We do not accept Erotica.  But we do accept Romance novels.  If your Romance novel has some 'Steamy' portions, please be sure to enter 'Steamy' in the 'Sub-Genre' field when submitting. Whats the difference?
  4. Please allow up to 24 hours to get your book listed on EBL.  Due to the increase in our submission requests, listings submitted the day of may not be listed at all.
  5. We accept listings up to 60 days in advance.  To provide readers with the best ebooks, listing priority is based on rating and number of reviews, along with chosen promotions and focus eBooks.
  6. Our homepage listings are displayed with the highest 'value' listings first.  Value is calculated with our proprietary formula.  If you want to promote your listing up in our rankings, we can provide a paid promotion option for your eBook.  For details on having your listing near the top on our homepage, please contact us.
  7. We require all listings to have at least a star rating of 3.5 or higher.  The exception to this rule is if your book has no reviews or if the book is Non-Fiction.  We are happy to list your Fiction book even if it hasn't received any reviews. Non-Fiction books MUST have at least 5 reviews to be eligible.
  8. We welcome any sharing you would like to do for EBL.  As always, post to your twitter account, blog and Facebook (and any others), the day that your book is going free, but you are also welcome to share EBL on every other day.
  9. Please review your listing prior to submitting, then review it again when you get the confirmation of submission email.  We may not include your submission in our listings if it contains spelling or grammar errors.  Please contact us if you need to update your listing.
  10. Do NOT put pricing information in your description.
  11. The Listing Description is Required.  Submissions without a description will be declined.
  12. Submission of a listing to the eBookLister Service also signs you up to the eBookLister Daily email list.
  13. Do NOT put an 'About The Author' section into the description. That information can be linked to from the 'Authors URL' field.
  14. Keep the Title field to just the Title. Keep it short and concise. Do not include the authors name in the title. Do not include 'keywords'. For example, this is a very, very bad title: Weight Control: How to lose all of the extra pounds you've put on over the last few years, maintain your current goal weight (in connection with your gender and age), and how to maintain a true control of your weight by making smart decisions in eating, activities, and even friends; this shareable, effective, and great methodology is your ticket to maintaining and controlling your weight to give you more confidence, energy, friends and even the love everyone needs to have an enjoyable, fullfilling, and interesting life. By Best-Selling Author and Doctor Jane A Anserden, MD, CEO of Weight Loss and Control Management LLC (WLCM), in Shermin Colorado (weight loss, weight control, losing weight, weight loss concepts, weight loss ideas, weight loss series, losing weight the fast way, losing weight for good, weight loss specialists, weight loss programs, lose weight to feel great)." For real - don't use Titles like this. Think I'm kdding? nope - people actually submit titles similar to this. These are not titles, these are elevator pitches gone terribly wrong.


The highest rated free and bargain books will go out in our daily email and be tweeted. Listing information is maintained in our system.  We do not share or sell email addresses to anyone, ever.


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